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Art Thou Communitas (Inspire With Art)

Sharing creativity and inspiration

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Art Thou Communitas (Inspire With Art) is the journal for my new art & design project: Art Thou. Me being KGA Bright. Art Thou is a member of Inspire With... network.

You can join in by posting your art, you do not need to become a member to do this, you don't even need a LiveJournal. I have a very loose definition of art, it could be a painting, a digital manipulation, blank verse, a sonnet, flash fiction... The list goes on.

Join the revolution; make the Web beautiful.

No rules, only requests:
1. Please only post art by yourself.
2. Please respect other people.
3. Please post large pictures, long writing and anything that isn't work-safe behind an LJ cut. How?

Thank you.